Mathematics is the foundation and corner stone of Engineering Disciplines. One such Engineering Discipline which was shaped by Mathematics is Computer Science. Computing devices started their origins has humble calculators which aided calculations and over the years evolved to do powerful calculations and helped humanity achieve many potent milestones like the infamous moon landing. Its true to say that computer science as a field wouldn't have developed if it weren't for mathematical principals. All computer algorithms and programs are offshoot of mathematical models and principals. Even today the thrust areas of computer science like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data science etc., depend on the sound mathematical principals of linear equations, Statistics, probability, fuzzy logic etc., to name a few.

With these in mind Global Journal of Applied Engineering in Computer Science and Mathematics (GJAECSMA) tends to extend a base where researchers can publish their research work which strengthens both the fields. As mentioned earlier many mathematical models are developed for computer science and conversely computer science employs a lot of mathematical model to expand its tentacles of research areas. So the Editors of GJAECSMA invite scientist, research scholars, academicians, students to publish their research work for the strengthening of this wonderful interdisciplinary field.

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