St. Joseph University

Virgin Town, Ikishe Model Village, Chümoukedima, Nagaland, India - 797 115

Run by DMI Sisters and MMI Fathers


State Private University Established Under Nagaland Govt.Act No.6 of 2016

Recognized by University Grants Commission(UGC)

Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Research Committee

     Research, which is a scholarly and creative endeavor of faculty leading to innovations and development, is a major pillar of strength in a university system. The advancement achieved through research and development contributes significantly to the academic excellence. However, in a multi-disciplinary and diversified university organizational set up, nurturing and promoting scientific excellence through faculty-driven research is a challenging task. In this regard, Center for Research (CFR) of the St. Joseph University, established in 2018 and plays a key role in providing focused attention in guiding and coordinating research activities of various departments and centers of the university. The mission of the center is to provide an encouraging ecosystem for promotion of research excellence and this is achieved through multifaceted tasks which include facilitating the initiation and organization/implementation of research projects, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of student research. The Center also plays a major role in encouraging the faculty to attract extramural funding support by providing linkages and collaborative support and streamlining the procedural guidelines. The Center is trying to transform into a single-window operating system for timely and effective action with a sole aim of encouraging and promoting quality research. There has been a marked growth in the students enrolling for Ph.D. and the Center for Research is committed to provide a platform for solving all the procedural issues associated with their research. Within the established framework of the university system, and the identified goals and strategic framework, the Center is striving to achieve research excellence which would transform the university as one of the best destinations for quality research and education in the country.



Sl.No. Faculty Name Designation Department Role
1 Dr. K. Sethupathy Registrar Management Coordinator
2 Dr. Bessii Kholi Associate Professor Sociology Member
3 Dr. Promodini Magh Rengma Associate Professor Social Work Member
4 Dr. P. Mercy Professor Mathematics Member
5 Dr. Avinuo Chopuo Associate Professor History Member


Sl.No. Faculty Name Designation Department Role
1 Dr.M. Arockiadoss Associate Professor Chemistry Convener
2 Dr. Achanger Associate Professor Political Science Member
3 Dr. Arockia Doss Associate Professor Chemistry Member
4 Dr. Thokchom Sunanda Devi Associate Professor English Member
5 Dr. K. Rajaganesh Associate Professor Biotechnology Member




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