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Guidelines for Research Scrutiny Committee


   The quality of publication and content of the Ph.D. Thesis must be paid utmost attention, which is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Doctoral degree in St. Joseph University. The Ph.D. thesis should be scrutinized by the framed committee according to the following guidelines from time to time.
1. St. Joseph University Research Regulation 2018 (Check here)
2. UGC Regulations, 2018 (Check here)
3. SJU Manual for Preparation for Ph.D thesis (Check here)

Minimum Parameters for Scrutinizing Ph.D Thesis

1. Publications by research scholars
2. Research Paper presentation made by scholars in International and National Seminars/ Conferences along with brochure / certificate / proceeding and other related evidences
3. On the hard/soft copy submission as per University Research Guidelines
4. On the test of plagiarism - URKUND software.

Process of Submitting Documents for Research Scrutiny Process

1. Cover/Request letter from the scholar to Research Coordinator duly signed by Supervisor and forwarded by Head of the Concerned Department along with the following documents.
2. The scholar has to submit one copy of hard and soft bound thesis (The other final copies have to be printed only after the scrutiny process is over)
3. Submit Hard Copy (Print Out or Xerox ) of research Paper Publications, in case of offline publications, Journal Proceedings to be produced
4. Submit Hard Copy (Print Out or Xerox) of research paper presentations/ seminars along with certification of participation / brochure / invitation / or other related evidences.
5. Submit soft copy of thesis in CD drive only
6. Submit Plagiarism report of thesis duly signed by Research Scholar and Research Supervisor with Name and Signature. (This have to be submitted 48hrs prior to submission of thesis to Research Coordinator).

Time Duration and Stipulations for the Research Scrutiny Committee

1. After the submission of the documents to the Research scrutiny Committee the process will take 10 to 15 working days with effect from the date of acceptance of the above documents by the Research Scrutiny Committee Chairman.
2. The maximum duration may be extended based on pending assignments
3. Any unofficial communication about scrutiny process will not be entertained and Research Supervisors are requested to enforce the same.

Formatting and Binding Specification of Ph.D Thesis

As per the University research guidelines the committee will scrutinize on the following
1. Softbound thesis with flexible cover of thick white art paper.
2. Hardbound thesis with diary binding of Indigo blue (041A2F) wrapper and white letter.
3. Font details:
   a. Times New Roman with font size 14 for headings and 12 for letters with 1.5. or 2.0 line spacing.
    b. The pages nos also should be Times New Roman font
4. The print quality of the thesis whether it is as per the university guidelines.

Publications & Research Paper Presentation by the Research Scholars

The Research Scrutiny Committee shall scrutinize the publications and paper presentations by research scholars on
1. Whether the scholar has published research papers in referred International/national journals with ISSN number.
2. The committee has to verify the information provided by the scholar on the research paper publication published in journal, publisher details, and ISSN number.
3. The committee has to verify whether both the scholar and supervisor name is mentioned in the article along with the university name.
4. The committee will scrutinize the certificates of the scholar paper presentation made in conferences/seminars.

Role of Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny committee has power to recommend / Not recommend the scholar to submit thesis for the award of Ph.D thesis in St. Joseph University with proper justification report during their Scrutiny.

Organisation and Conditions of the Committee

The Chairman has the power to call for an RSC meeting based on the submission of thesis documents by research scholar for scrutiny process.
1. The Chairman has the power to entrust any members of the committee with the scrutiny process.
2. If any research scholar of the committee members submits Ph.D. thesis for the scrutiny process, he or she will not be included in the scrutiny process until the scrutiny report is published.

Power to Modify

Not with standing all that has been stated above, the University/Committee exercises the right to modify any of the above regulation from time to time only with a valid reason for the betterment of the reputation of the University.




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