St. Joseph University

Virgin Town, Ikishe Model Village, Chümoukedima, Nagaland, India - 797 115

A Unit of DMI Foundations


State Private University Established Under Nagaland Govt.Act No.6 of 2016

Recognized by University Grants Commission(UGC)

Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)


     St. Joseph university offers a variety of games and sports facilities for students, staff, and faculty members to stay active and healthy. All facilities are well-maintained, with equipment regularly checked and replaced as needed. The university also provides sports trainers/teacher for interested students who want to improve their skills in any of the sports offered. Additionally, the university hosts various sports events throughout the year, including inter-university competitions and tournaments, allowing students to showcase their talents and compete against their peers. Overall, St. Joseph University’s games and sports facilities provide a fantastic opportunity for students to stay active, healthy, and engaged in a variety of sports activities.
     St. Joseph University's games and sports facilities not only promote physical fitness but also contribute to the overall development of students, enhancing their teamwork, leadership, and social skills. The university recognizes the importance of sports in the holistic development of students and strives to provide them with the best facilities and opportunities to excel in their chosen sports.
     Our university is committed to promoting sports and physical activities among its students and regularly organizes sports weeks, inter-state sports competitions, and other esports events. These events provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and compete against their peers from other universities and colleges.

Playground Facilities

  • Two Basketball Courts
  • Two Valleyball Courts
  • Four Badminton Courts
  • Football Ground
  • Four Hundred Meter Track

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📱 + 91 81310 62811        📱 + 91 87298 16268
☏  03862 242069




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