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Virgin Town, Ikishe Model Village, Chümoukedima, Nagaland, India - 797 115

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State Private University Established Under Nagaland Govt.Act No.6 of 2016

Recognized by University Grants Commission(UGC)

Approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

About SJU - Wellness Centre

About the Centre

     University life can be fun and fulfilling, providing students various opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge, develop character, and make friends from different states and cultures. However, adjusting to the new environment and managing academic and personal demands may induce some amount of stress and anxiety. These pressures when not attended at the right time could lead to poor performance both academically and personally. Confiding in family or friends is a good coping strategy but students can also walk in and meet the persons who are ready to be of help for emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and economic concerns.

Vision of the Centre

To Contribute as a resource for faculties and students to address the significant important of life juncture in the environment of complete privacy and confidentiality.

Mission of the Centre

  ☞ To facilitate and assist individual’s personal development through remediation and preventive measures via counselling service.

  ☞ To promote and educate individuals to develop self-awareness, self-reliance and self-confidence from within.

Goals of the Centre

  ☞ To develop mental, spiritual, emotional, social and physical stability and well-being of all.
  ☞ To rehabilitate individuals and help them overcome trauma, grief, abuse etc. and enable them to lead fully functional lives.
  ☞ Creating a campus of continuous learners to be determined to seek the wellness of all.
  ☞ Available for the students and the faculty in the moment of need to be of assistance.

Objectives of the Centre

  ☞ To contribute to fulfil the vision and mission of the University
  ☞ By providing counselling in different areas
  ☞ By arranging human resources for wellness related programmes
  ☞ By organizing different programmes related to wellness during the academic year
  ☞ By facilitating medical camp in the campus
  ☞ By organizing blood donation awareness campaigns
  ☞ By organising screening and testing of HIV/STI/Malaria in the campus.
  ☞ By publications related to wellness
  ☞ By organizing health/medical camps
  ☞ To provide free medical check up and first aid 24x7 by a qualified nurse.

The Centre Services inside Campus

  ☞ Face-to-face psychological counselling
  ☞ Group Counselling
  ☞ Peer mentoring and Counselling
  ☞ On-line counselling
  ☞ Reference to external mental health professionals


    Ms. Ikali.Y.Sema
    Ms. Khriephretuonuo Pienyu


    Dr.Watinaro Longkumer, Department of Psychology and Counselling.
    Dr .Pramodini Magh Rengma, Department of Social Work.
    Rev. Fr. Dr. Sunny Joseph, Department of Education.
    Ms. Janet, Department of Social Work.

Wellness Centre Activities

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