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Guidelines for the Paper Presentation and Publication for the Ph.D Thesis Submission


   In response to the overwhelming enquiries on research paper presentation and clarification sought on the criteria by the research scholars, St. Joseph University has issued the following guidelines on which research paper presentation, publication and plagiarism are to be followed by all research scholars in our University.

Research Paper Publications

☞ A Research Scholar should publish a minimum of two research papers at least in refereed journals only, preferably UGC recommended / Scopus / ABDC / SCI / SSCI Indexed journals. The scholar and supervisor must ensure, that the said journals are in the above Indexed Journals during the time of submission of the same to the scrutiny committee as all the above lists are dynamic and change their listings from time to time. ☞ It is the duty of research scholar / supervisor to check whether the paper has been published in original /quality journals only, and ensure that the said journal is the original one and not a cloned or fake one.
☞ The Research Paper should have St. Joseph University affiliation for at least one of the authors in the paper (either scholar or supervisor), but for full time research scholars, both should have St. Joseph University affiliation only.
☞ If the Scholar has a co-guide, the co-guide name should be included as one of the authors in the publication.
☞  During the Scrutiny process, the originality, age, impact factor, ISSN, quality and the reach of the each Journal will be investigated, and upon confirming all the above mentioned criteria's the scholar may be permitted to add the said Journal to the Journal Count.
☞ It is highly advisable that the Research scholar have more publications than the prescribed minimum journals count, because, if the scrutiny committee rejects one of the publications, then they will have enough publications to attain the required count of Journals.

Research Paper Presentation

☞  For thesis submission, a minimum of two papers must be presented at a national or international conference, one of which should be an international conference.
☞ All the Research Scholars including Part- time scholars should have a St. Joseph University affiliation on their presentation certificate.
☞ The presented Paper will not be considered for the thesis submission if it has been made in our University or in an institution directly related to the candidate / Supervisor / Co-guide.
☞  Furthermore, paper presentations made in groups of institutions / Sister Institutions, affiliated to the Scholar / Supervisor / Co-Guide will not be accepted.
☞ All the paper presentations should be supported by the Souvenir / proceedings released by the concerned institution, otherwise it will not be considered for the count to submit the thesis.
☞ The Two Presentations and Two publications submitted for thesis submission should have different titles, and the paper presented in one place should not be published in an another place and vice versa


☞  The PhD thesis must undergo a Plagiarism Check by URKUND software (only) and the report should be submitted after scrutiny and 2 days before the submission of the thesis only.
☞ The Plagiarism check is essential so that the correct report is submitted at the time of thesis submission. Every scholar submitting a thesis shall submit an undertaking indicating that the document has been prepared by him/her and that the document is his/her original work and free of any plagiarism.
☞ Each Supervisor should issue the Plagiarism Verification Certificate, certifying and authenticating the check performed by the student/Department and the same has to be forwarded by the Head of the Department. This certificate has to be submitted to the office of Dean of Academics, during thesis submission.
☞ A maximum of 20 Percentage will be a the acceptable similarity index as per the anti- plagiarism guidelines of St. Joseph University. If it is found that the percentage is more than the required percentage, necessary actions will be taken as per the University norms.

Note: The above mentioned guidelines are minimum indicative in nature, the University reserves the right to change anything and implement whenever required for the betterment of research quality and the details which have not been stated above will be dealt as per the University rules and regulation




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